grill green peas with cecina and lime
Girona salsify with truffle and cocoa
mackerel with thistle and wasabi
duck buckwheat with cabbage and bergamot
hake with sea urchins and turnips with cashmir
rabbit with truffle and "pilota" brioche
selection of cheese
parsnip with fennel and lemon
artichokes with almonds and coffee
tasting menu with wine pairing
Vilanova prawns with béarnaise 31.00€
oysters with menjar blanc and grilled brocoli24.00€
veal tongue with pickles and macis24.00€
artichokes with pig's trotter and sea cucumber25.00€
mackerel with thistle and wasabi26.50€
hake with sea urchins and turnips with cashmir27.00€
john dory with "ganxet" beans with cabbage29.50€
roasted monkfish head with caviar28.50€
red mullet with molluscs mayonnaise28.00€
scorpionfish “a la presse” with potatoes29.50€
grilled pigeon31.00€
rabbit with truffle and "pilota" brioche28.00€
suckling lamb shoulder with eel allioli29.00€
picanha with green romesco and chanterelle mushrooms28.00€
duck with buckwheat cabbage and bergamot28.50€
assortment of cheese 22.00€
chocolate, caramel and mole11.50€
artichokes with almonds and coffee11.50€
hazelnut with shitake and morroco lemon11.50€
jerusalem artichoke with pine nut11.50€
pistachos with basil and burrata11.50€