Contemporary catalan cuisine

Our goal is to make a contemporary catalan cuisine, preserving the produce of our terroir, the flavors of traditional and classic recipes, working with ingredients from new points of view, searching for contrast, subtleties, nuances, and adding new elements to provide singularity to the dishes.

We work with strictly seasonal products which means our menu changes regularly four times per year. We also make small weekly adjustments, according to the short season of some ingredients.

The conditions explained above form our creative frame of reference, searching for flavor as the final goal and avoiding unnecessary accessories. We are a small team, in a small restaurant, located in a small alley in Barcelona, trying to do every day what we are passionate about: to enjoy cooking, and cooking to give joy.

The interior design in Hisop was made by YOOS Arquitects, and mirrors the culinary concept with bare walls and natural wood, functional and warm essentialism.