Contemporary catalan cuisine

Our goal is to make a contemporary catalan cuisine, preserving the produce of our terroir, the flavors of traditional and classic recipes, working with ingredients from new points of view, searching for contrast, subtleties, nuances, and adding new elements to provide singularity to the dishes.

We are a small team, in a small restaurant, located in a small alley in Barcelona, trying to do every day what we are passionate about: to enjoy cooking, and cooking to give joy.



Anti-covid19 hygienic-sanitary measures

At hisop we have adopted a series of measures for the safety of our customers and the team:

-2 meters separation between tables

– disinfectant carpet at the entrance of the restaurant

-permanent use of gloves and face mask by all staff

– dividing partitions between the tables

-desinfectants distributed throughout the restaurant

-desinfectant and antiviral application in all facilities before and after each service

-check alarm every 30 minutes for the cleaning hands by the team

-use your own devices to choose food and drinks