grilled sardines
zucchini flower with codtrip and lime
pickled mussels with sea nettles and almonds
sweetbreads with chanterelles and fennel
bonito with veal and capers
lamb ossobuco with cucumber anc chocolate
selection of cheese
melon with cocoa and "vermut"
peach tajine with turmeric
tasting menu with wine pairing
Vilanova prawns with béarnaise 31.00€
oysters with salmorejo and jabugo24.00€
sweetbreads with chanterelles and fennel24.00€
white eggplant with sea cucumber and pork chin29.00€
pickled mussels with sea nettles and almonds26.50€
bonito with veal and capers27.00€
turbot with wild asparagus and cream29.50€
roasted monkfish head with caviar28.50€
red mullet with molluscs mayonnaise28.00€
scorpionfish “a la presse” with potatoes29.50€
grilled pigeon31.00€
rabbit with truffle and "pilota" brioche28.00€
suckling pig with "canyut" and yuzu29.00€
picanha with green romesco and chanterelle mushrooms28.00€
lamb ossobuco with cucumber and chocolate28.50€
assortment of cheese 22.00€
chocolate, caramel and mole11.50€
pear with anise and orange blossom11.50€
peach tajine with turmeric11.50€
jerusalem artichoke with pine nut11.50€
pistachos with basil and burrata11.50€